An image of DOLPHIN to aid in identification.

Tool Summary

General Purpose Information
Year of First Releaseⓘ 2021
Platformⓘ Qt
Availabilityⓘ Available
Licenseⓘ Open Source (GPL 3)
Hardware Control Information
Haptic Categoryⓘ Vibrotactile
Hardware Abstractionⓘ Consumer (Ultraleap STRATOS Explore)
Interaction and Interface Information
Driving Featureⓘ Time
Effect Localizationⓘ Location-aware
Media Supportⓘ None
Iterative Playbackⓘ Yes
Design Approachesⓘ DPC, Process
Interaction Metaphorsⓘ Generic Menu

Additional Information

DOLPHIN is a framework with a design tool for creating ultrasound mid-air tactile renderings for perceptual studies. Users can create new classes to represent the geometries of shapes and the sampling strategies used to display them. Parameters of the shape and sampling strategy can be modified in the tool with the help of pressure and position visualizations. DOLPHIN also includes an interface to PsychoPy to aid in studies. While the framework currently only supports the STRATOS, the software is written so that support for new devices can be added in the future. A “reader” module is also available that can be included in other software to play back the renderings designed in DOLPHIN.

For more information, please consult the SAP’21 paper or the GitLab repository.