An image of SeeingHaptics to aid in identification.

Tool Summary

General Purpose Information
Year of First Releaseⓘ 2019
Platformⓘ Unity
Availabilityⓘ Unavailable
Licenseⓘ Unknown
Hardware Control Information
Haptic Categoryⓘ Vibrotactile, Temperature
Hardware Abstractionⓘ None
Interaction and Interface Information
Driving Featureⓘ Action
Effect Localizationⓘ Target-centric
Media Supportⓘ Audio, Visual
Iterative Playbackⓘ Yes
Design Approachesⓘ DPC
Interaction Metaphorsⓘ Generic Menu

Additional Information

SeeingHaptics allows users to attach haptic feedback of various types to different virtual objects. These interactions are represented in the VR environment using different visual icons. “Haptic listeners” can be attached to other devices, such as VR controllers, so that people in the virtual environment can experience the appropriate effect when they are near an object with an associated haptic effect. No output devices are supported out of the box, and SeeingHaptics is intended to aid in planning a VR haptic experience.

For more information, consult the MobileHCI’19 paper.