VRML Plugin

An image of VRML Plugin to aid in identification.

Tool Summary

General Purpose Information
Year of First Releaseⓘ 2003
Platformⓘ Windows
Availabilityⓘ Unavailable
Licenseⓘ Unknown
Hardware Control Information
Haptic Categoryⓘ Force Feedback
Hardware Abstractionⓘ Consumer (PHANTOM)
Interaction and Interface Information
Driving Featureⓘ Action
Effect Localizationⓘ Target-centric
Media Supportⓘ Visual
Iterative Playbackⓘ N/A
Design Approachesⓘ Process
Interaction Metaphorsⓘ N/A

Additional Information

This system is a Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) plugin that adds force-feedback effects to a subset of VRML. This means that existing VRML scenes can automatically have haptic effects added to them. The scene can be explored using a PHANTOM device in the Netscape browser.

For more information about the VRML plugin, consult the 2003 Haptics Symposium paper.