An image of ViviTouch to aid in identification.

Tool Summary

General Purpose Information
Year of First Releaseⓘ 2014
Platformⓘ Unknown
Availabilityⓘ Unavailable
Licenseⓘ Unknown
Hardware Control Information
Haptic Categoryⓘ Vibrotactile
Hardware Abstractionⓘ Class (Audio-driven)
Interaction and Interface Information
Driving Featureⓘ Time
Effect Localizationⓘ Device-centric
Media Supportⓘ Audio, Visual
Iterative Playbackⓘ Yes
Design Approachesⓘ DPC, Process, Sequencing, Library
Interaction Metaphorsⓘ Track, Keyframe

Additional Information

Vivitouch is meant to support prototyping of vibrotactile haptics aligned to audio-visual content. Haptic media is created through the use of waveforms and filters mapping the audio content at that moment of time to the vibrotactile channel. These filters, such as a low-pass filter, are meant to aid in synchronizing audio and haptic content. Effects and filters are assigned to different output channels, representing each actuator, and to different haptic tracks. Using multiple tracks allows for layering effects and filters on the same actuator at the same time.

For more information, consult the 2014 World Haptics Conference paper.