An image of TECHTILE Toolkit to aid in identification.

Tool Summary

General Purpose Information
Year of First Releaseⓘ 2012
Platformⓘ Windows
Availabilityⓘ Available
Licenseⓘ Unknown
Hardware Control Information
Haptic Categoryⓘ Vibrotactile
Hardware Abstractionⓘ Bespoke (TECHTILE)
Interaction and Interface Information
Driving Featureⓘ Time
Effect Localizationⓘ Device-centric
Media Supportⓘ None
Iterative Playbackⓘ Unknown
Design Approachesⓘ Process
Interaction Metaphorsⓘ Demonstration

Additional Information

The TECHTILE Toolkit consists of a vibrotactile recorder and actuator that allows users to record real-world vibrations and then play them back. This is meant to permit the sharing of effects by users without strong technical backgrounds, including elementary school children.

For more information, consult the VRIC’12 article and the TECHTILE Toolkit website.The TECHTILE Toolkit was also used in the CHI’21 Extended Abstract.